Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm Still Here...

Hello All!

Thought I was through blogging, right?  Well, it's been over a year, so that's what it feels like.  Sometimes it just seems easier to LIVE life than actually take the time sit down and write about it.  Which is what I have been doing.

The kids are getting so big.  Mallory turned FIVE a few weeks ago.  I cried on her birthday.  How sad is that?  Aren't we supposed to be happy they are another year older?  Ha.  But, she's my baby girl.  My baby.   My last child.  And now she goes and turns five years old on me.  It caught me off guard and I cried about it.  I took her picture the morning of her birthday and realized that she had grown 2 feet overnight.  I just can't wrap my mind around the speed at which she & Alex are growing up.  I am going to blink and it will be Alex's 7th birthday.  Wow.  I love them so much that I want time to stop, but I want it to move forward all at the same time so I can see what life holds for them.  Being a parent is he hardest thing in the world.  Cliche, but it's true.  Bittersweet.

Chuck & I had our 10 year anniversary in May of this year.  10 years.  It feels good to say it.  We have a great marriage & I have a great husband.  We have been through some rough times, with both of us losing our jobs in the past several years - Chuck twice within a year.  But, we made it through and God helped us every step of the way.  He is very good to us & I thank Him often.

Short & sweet.  Until next time...

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